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Szilvia Gombos Loves Adult Diaper Fetish

Sziilvia Gombos is into some truly fascinating fetishes, and the most recent is adult diaper fetish. Her boyfriend Laszlo Godo is getting dressed up in an adult diaper and grabbing some toys to get ready for this scene. She starts off by letting him suck at her tits to pretend like he’s slurping up some breast milk, and then pulling out the big guns – a strap on. Combining diaper fetish and strap ons are her thing, and she wants to have him indulge in it as well. He ends up loving every second of it.

Suzane Fucks Diaper Wearing Boyfriend

Adult diaper fetish is one of those far out there fetishes that you don’t see in porn too often – until now. Suzane is sitting next to her diaper wearing boyfriend, stroking his body up and down while he sucks at his thumb. She brings out a small and perky tit to feed him with, letting him suck all over her nipples. She loves taking care of him when he’s in the mood for adult diaper play, and she also has a special way of getting herself completely worked up for it – she brings out the strap on!

Zsofia Indugles in Adult Diaper Fetish

Zsofia finds Albert Magos crawling around in a diaper, just looking for a tit that he can suck on. This adult baby curls up in Zsofia’s lap and gets rocked back and forth, spanked, and coddled. She slowly takes the diaper off and starts to give him an adult diaper fetish handjob, getting herself worked up for what’s to come. She puts on a strap on and starts to slowly slide it into his tight ass. He bends over and takes that fake dick for all he’s worth, pushing his ass back onto it and making moans of pleasure.

Adult Baby Jerked Off By Blond On Grass

When busty blond matron Andrea sees big cock adult baby Oliver lying helplessly in the field, she has to help the little chap out! However, the ministrations of this big titty blond come at a price – she demands that she be allowed to bang the diaper clad male with a big strap-on! The adult baby acquires a taste for this anal treatment, eventually getting on top and bouncing up and down on top of the strap-on in reverse cowgirl. What a naughty little bugger – look at how big the little fucker’s cock is while he’s taking that big strap-on up his butt! Andrea lies next to the adult baby on the grass and jerks off at the end of the movie!